Golf Simulators - League Play


Hogan Point Game at Cabo del Sol

18 Hole 2 Man Division - 1st Place - Mauro Ferrioli and Trevor Martin tied with Brad and Ian Williams with 104 points

18 Hole Singles Divison - 1st Place - Neal Elder and Marc Simard tied with the lowest score with a 73 (+1) However Neal Elder edged him out in points 61 to 57.

18 Hole Mixed Division - 1st Place - Steve Craig-Paul and Linda Summers scored 100 points!  Right up there with the men's division.  Way to go!

9 Hole Four Some Division1st Place - Dirty Birdies who shot a -5 (30)   Mike Duffy, Mike Koza, Kevin Douse & Billy Wagg

Congrats to this weeks winners.  Play well week 8 at Banff Springs!!

Tee 2 Green Orillia and Barrie both have Full Swing Golf Simulators featuring the 2017 E6 Cloud Software.  The simulators are available to the public for practicing on the driving range, taking lessons and playing one of our 74 golf courses for a new and exciting indoor golf experience. 




Winter League

Join our winter golf league and stay loose this winter while having loads of fun. Sign up individually or with a partner.  We have 3 divisions, singles, 2 man teams and a mixed division. Play the top ranked courses in the world for only $37.50 per week tax included. 

  • $100 plus HST per person registration fee
  • $37.50 each week of play per person
  • 18 week season (must enter 10 scores to qualify for the playoffs) 
  • Year end banquet includes dinner and prizes.
  • Each league member who plays  is guaranteed $100 prize at the banquet.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What Is a Golf Simulator?

A. It is NOT a swing analyzer or mini golf. You use your own balls and clubs After initial set-up, the first player tees off. On a 10' x 12' screen the player sees the same view as if standing on the tee box. The player steps up and using an actual swing drives the ball. The ball passes through two infra-red planes that capture the ball flight data and from the point of ball screen impact, simulates the realistic ball flight following the prescribed path with 99.8% accuracy! It is as close as you can get to really being on the course.


Q. How can the simulator be compared to real Golf? 

A. Just watch as the ball bounces off trees, listen as it splashes into the water or buries in the sand. Watch it spin back on the greens and respond to the terrain just as it would if you were standing on a real green. The computer offers Mulligans and Penalty strokes for water and out of bounds shots, dropping the ball in the correct spot for the next shot. Play includes background sounds (chirping birds...etc.) and some even offer crowds as an option.


Q. What about putting?

A. The player can opt to have 6, 8 or 10 foot gimmies. Putting is done right into the screen. An on screen prompt shows an overhead view with ball locations, break, and undulations. The player putts and the score is recorded on your scorecard. You can also choose to allow the computer to putt for you.


Q. How long does it take to play?

A. An average Golfer can play a full round in 45 minutes to an hour. Multiple players should allow adequate time based on number and skill level of each player.


Q. Do I need to make a Tee Time?

A. Tee times are recommended, as we cannot guarantee the availability of a simulator without one. Tee times can be made in person or by telephone at 705-327-2073 for Orillia and 705-728-2073 for Barrie.  Walk-ins are always welcome and if the simulator is not available, you will be put on a waiting list behind scheduled tee times.