Straight Shooter Advanced Triple Lazer Swing Training System


  • 1000
  • Save $10999

Product Features:

  • One of the most advanced golf swing products ever
  • Hit farther straighter more consistently
  • Improve all aspects For the Best Game of Your Life
  • Significantly reduce your handicap
  • Developed by pro golfers

Product Description:

Possibly the best laser trainer, the patented StraightShooter is a swing practice device which can be removably attached to a conventional left or right handed club enabling a golfer to determine if the club face is square to the ball at the point of contact. The device can visually communicate the plane in which the golf club is located during the latter portion of the back swing, the initial stage of the down stroke and follow through. Teaching focus is on takeaway/backswing, swing plane and club path first, using a line laser, augmented by the unique interaction of 2 additional lasers, which adds the critical element of club face alignment at impact. The interaction of the three lasers with the detailed information on the Swing Doctor Practice Mat allows the golfer to visually understand and ultimately correct all elements affecting ball flight. The StraightShooter is manufactured out of injection molded lexan plastic (the same material used in making bullet proof glass). The class 3 lasers are precision aligned, built into a durable “trunk proof” product. Lightweight with no impact on grip or balance, the two clubface alignment lasers and one swing plane laser are visible under almost all lighting conditions and have very low power consumption, provided by three user-replaceable batteries. Accommodating both left and right-hand golfers, the two-stage mat provides a practice swing and putting area in front and then a step forward contact area for driving the ball. The surfaces provide for the use of drivers, irons and putters with the added feature that golfers can insert their own tees and adjust the height. Driving a ball off the "grass" (similar to artificial turf) with an iron is very much like hitting a ball on the fairway. The rugged, non-reflective design is surface compliant (adapts to uneven surface textures) has removable rubber "grips" for hard surfaces and can be held down on grass with the insertion of ordinary tees in the corners.

**Note 3 AAA batteries required**

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