Golf Pride MCC +4 Align Grip


  • $17.99

Tour-inspired larger lower hand design simulates the feel of 4 extra layers of tape for lighter grip pressure and more power. ALIGN Technology now available in this hybrid grip combines all-weather performance with consistent hand placement. Align Technology locks in your hand placement for a consistent, square clubface. The first step in hitting your target line is alignment. Raised Edge: the red ridge rises and extends down the back of the grip to aid better hand alignment and more consistency, locking the hands in place every time. Product Features: Micro-diamond Texture: A distinctive texture for consistent hand positioning. Carved Channels: Flex channel separates the ALIGN technology ridge from the grip body to maximize elevation lift and lock the grip into the fingers. Firmer Material: Raised ridge is 50% firmer durometer than surrounding grip area to amplify its pronounced feel. Size: Standard Weight: 53g Core: 60 Align

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