7 Item Accessories Pack


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This Accessories Pack includes 7 Items.  Product description and features below.

1. Retractable Brush

  • 2 Ft retractable zip-line aluminum carabiner makes it easily attaches to your golf bag for fast access.
  • It with a unique, ergonomic design, Lightweight and Stylish, and this golf club brush fits snugly in your hand and will work with you, not against you as you chip away at dirt on your clubs.
  • Wire bristles for quick and efficient cleaning of irons while on the fairway. Nylon bristles for easy cleaning of woods and shoe spikes/cleats. Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves.

2. Practice Balls

Great for indoor or outdoor practice around the house!


  • 3 Green
  • 3 Yellow
  • 3 Orange
  • 3 Blue

3. Bead Counter


  • Keep track of your score easily
  • Lightweight and attaches to your golf bag

4. Scrubby Brush


  • Water resevoir and sturdy nylon bristles clean your golf equipment quickly and easily.
  • Attaches and deattaches from your golf bag quickly and easily
  • Just add water and soap!

5. Alignment Tool with Marker


  • Clip your ball in and follow the lines
  • Portbale and easy to use
  • Save strokes by lining up your drives and putts

6. Groove Sharpener


  • Sharpen your grooves for maximun spin

7. Pelz Putting Tutor

Product Overview:

Get your putts started on-line with the Putting Tutor from Golf Gifts & Gallery.


  • Teaches on-line putting
  • Improves Green-reading
  • Squares putter face to aim line
  • Improves stroke mechanics
  • Used by more than 50 PGA Tour pros

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