NS Cup Asstd 5 Pack – Tee 2 Green

NS Cup Tee Asstd 5 Pack


  • $5.99
  • Épargnez $4.00

About This Items

  • High Quality Unbreakable Material Made: FINGER TEN Big Cup Tee Made from a Proprietary Polymer Resin Blend, Much Stronger than Old-Fashioned Wooden Tees, Light-Weighted and Durable, Easy to Carry Around,One Tee can be Reused Dozens of Times;
  • Oversize Head Design: The Oversize Head of the "Big Cup" Tee Allows You to Tilt the Ball Toward the Hole as much as 20%,Less Resistance,Long Roll;
  • Longer and Straighter Drives: Independent Laboratory Tests Prove that Big Cup Tees Rally do Give You Longer and Straighter Drives Versus Wooden Tees
  • Assorted Colours In Each Pack

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